Telegram: what is cache and how to cancel it?

When a program or application runs on a computer or a mobile device, the data that is stored in the cache builds up over time, which, if not periodically cleared, it prevents the operation of a smartphone or tablet. This happens also with Telegram, then we InsideTelegram we are here to explain you what is inside the cache of the Telegram and how you can empty the cache of the Telegram.

Characteristics Telegram

Telegram for many people and many users is not only an application for instant messaging, but also an environment to keep informed and up to date, thanks to the functionality of the channels. Furthermore, Telegram allows you to create chat secret, that is, the sent messages inside this chat is not stored on the servers of the software, but are sent directly to your partner.

Using Telegram, you can also transfer files of any type and volume from device to device. The only limit in this case is the weight of the file that can not be greater than 2GB. This applies to all types of chat:

  • saved messages
  • chat one-to-one
  • chat secret
  • private groups and public
  • channels in the private and public

In general, the thematic channels and attract the players with photo and video combined with the topic.
It should also be added, that Telegram, unlike WhatsApp, it does not compress the images, while preserving the original quality. This means that, in time, the cache Telegram becomes heavier and takes up more space on your smartphone or tablet.

What is the cache?

The cache is, all together, here the files that remain in the memory of a computer or mobile device. Its purpose is to speed up the execution of programs.

If you’re using a browser, the cache remains:

  • icons buttons from the sites;
  • uploaded images;
  • the list of recently visited sites;
  • lost video files, etc

These data are stored in the system folder: on your computer, they are usually saved on the C drive, while on the smartphone in the file system.
This means, that when you use Telegram, text files, audio and video, images, and pictures downloaded from the chat, and the channels remain in the cache. To find out where it is easy to find the cache Telegram, you just have to open the application itself.

Why clean the cache of Telegram?

When you start Telegram and want to display a video, a gif, or a picture sent, you will not need to download this media content again, because it was already loaded in the cache, and it is started from the memory of the mobile device.

On one hand, this is convenient, because the files are at hand directly in the application, Telegram, on the other, when the cache becomes large, and interferes with the speed of the smartphone, slowing down the processing of the data. Also, in the cache may be malicious files or damaged that prevent the operation of the device. Therefore, the folders with the data stored in the cache should be cleaned occasionally.

What is the weight of the cache of Telegram?

Telegram as an app occupies around 70MB, but adding the other data stored in the cache, which accumulate during the use of messenger, the app comes to occupy a lot of memory on your smartphone.

Why Telegram weighs so much?
You unzipped and installed the app reaches 1.5 GB. This is because the app has different encryption systems data installed and you can download the information quickly.

To reduce the space occupied by the file is not necessary, as well as to reduce in advance the size of the cache, you can make the necessary settings in advance. Set, for example, the condition to not save the edited photos. Or you can cancel the download in the background.

How to empty the cache of Telegram?

To clear cache means to remove the unnecessary files. Before cleaning, make sure the required data is already saved, otherwise it must be re-downloaded.

Clear the cache of Telegram on Android
Open the app, go to Settings. Click the chat Settings, then click on the Data store , and then Use the archive. Below are the steps to do:

cache telegram

At this point, click Clear the cache of the Telegram, the screen pop-up that appears you can choose which files to delete from the cache and then Clear the cache. Once you have completed this step, under the heading Archive device, will the voice Clear the cache of the Telegram.

cache telegram

Clear the cache of Telegram on iPhone
If Telegram occupies a lot of memory on the iPhone, it is also necessary in this case the removal of obsolete data.

To erase the memory of Telegram on an iPhone:

  • Go to the settings of the application, in the section “Data and storage”.
  • It is necessary to select “Use of storage”, which will show the size of the cache in Telegram.
  • The top line will indicate the total size of the cache, then the file saved to chats and groups will be listed line by line.
  • To erase the data stored on iOS, click on the button “Clear cache”. The program will remove not necessary in a couple of seconds.

Clear the cache of Telegram on your computer
To empty the cache of Telegram on your computer, launch the application and go to the section Settings. There is a voice Advanced. Click on” Manage local store. The program will offer you the possibility to remove stickers, animations, images, and other media files. Delete one or the entire cache using the button Delete all.

The consequences of the deletion of the cache
Once you have emptied the cache of Telegram on your device, the turning off of the Internet, the previously downloaded file will not be available if they had not been previously stored in the device memory. The file will have to be downloaded again. But if there were a lot of data stored in the cache, after the cleaning, the performance of the device will increase. This is particularly evident on your tablet and smartphone.


Unlike many messaging app Telegram really allows you the user to have control on their device and everything is managed in a way that is scalable, then settings more simple for those who chews the technology, and more accurate for those who need it or for us geeks (ready to lend a hand to those who need it in our group @InsideTelegramLab). The chat in the cloud also allows you to recover files from any device, and without being in uncomfortable situations (such as having to ask your boss need to resubmit your important files because of a mistake you have deleted from the phone). As always we’ll see you for some other news or guide on our channel @InsideTelegram.

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