Telegram: European Oversight Goes to Belgian BIPT

Belgium is taking a central role in controlling content on Telegram across the European Union. The BIPT (the Belgian Institute for Post and Telecommunications) has been appointed as the supervisory authority for the messaging app, following its recent relocation of its headquarters to Brussels, as mandated by the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Increased Control Powers for European Authorities

This appointment represents an important step towards strengthening online content oversight and user protection in Europe. Under the Digital Services Act (DSA), digital platforms like Telegram are now required to designate a legal representative within the EU and comply with stricter content moderation rules.

How BIPT Supervision Works

The BIPT will have the power to receive and handle reports of illegal or harmful content on Telegram from citizens and organizations across Europe. In case of non-compliance by the platform, the BIPT may take sanctions, including fines and even blocking access to the service.

A Step Forward for Online Safety in Europe

The assignment of the supervisory role to the BIPT for Telegram is seen as a positive step for online safety in Europe. The app has indeed often been used to spread extremist content, hate speech, and illegal material.

With the DSA and the appointment of the BIPT as the supervisory authority, European authorities will finally have the necessary tools to combat the spread of harmful content on Telegram and to protect citizens” commented Mathias Vermeulen, consultant at the digital security and privacy agency Awo.

What it Means for Users

For Telegram users in Europe, this change means that they will have a direct channel to report illegal or inappropriate content to the platform and request its removal.

Suppose someone in the Netherlands or another member state incites violence against a synagogue or mosque and it is found that Telegram has done nothing, in that case a complaint can be filed with the Bipt” commented Mathias Vermeulen of Awo, a digital security and privacy organization. “This principle will apply to all people or institutions between Lisbon and Helsinki who identify the presence of illegal content on Telegram.” adds Vermeulen.

In addition, BIPT’s oversight is expected to help reduce the presence of such content on the platform, making Telegram a safer environment for all users.


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