Telegram 3.6 native client for macOS 10.11+

Telegram 3.6 for macOS 10.11+ is finally available and it brings with it a lot of interesting innovations, but also the many updates and improvements. As we well know, the team involved in the development of the application Telegram, and of its ecosystem, never stops working, even if they can surprise their users every day, they do.

Here in the last few hours has been released the 3.6 version of Telegram for all the operating systems macOS X from version 10.11 onwards.

Telegram 3.6 for macOS 10.11+

Telegram 3.6 for macOS

The grouped photos

This novelty, we have seen and touched with the hand already on the mobile version of Telegram, in fact, this function has been included both in the Android app, both versions for iOS and Windows mobile with version 4.5.

Basically, this function does nothing that includes the multimedia c in an album when sharing multiple photos and videos in a single shot. The maximum of the media file grouped is 10, but may be sent more than 10 content at a time. Not only you will be able to choose the exact order of the media items.

Saved messages

For uniformizare the platform, here is that also in the desktop version for macOS has been inserità function your own personal cloud from now on, it has its own entry in the Settings menu and has changed the name in the Saved Messages. To access it, just go in the Chat list, or doing a global Search.

Pin of the Messages in the Channels

If you are the administrator of a channel, you can finally add messages at the top through the desktop client. Of course, the main purpose of this function is to allow you to focus the attention of the members to post important.

Other news in the Telegram 3.6 for macOS:

The news is not just about the things that we’ve already seen and touched with the hand through the application for the mobile operating systems. So here’s the list of releases continues with these things:

  • Use Touch ID to unlock the app.
  • Use the double asterisks at the beginning and at the end of a word or phrase for the bold formatting.
  • Use the double underscore at the beginning and at the end of a word or a phrase for the italic formatting.
  • You can add links with custom text in the messages using the key combination cmd + U or using the formatting menu.
  • View multiple attachments from Instagram or Twitter as the album.
  • Now you can click and drag the waveform in the player, multimedia, or voice messages to rewind.
  • Finally the links of the iTunes content is now open directly in iTunes.
  • With the new version, who decides to create a Channel or a Group, directly from your desktop with macOS will finally be able to add a profile photo during the creation of the group or of the channel.
  • In the new version you added the new design to all the windows of the notice.
  • Telegram 3.6 for macOS also brings a drastic reduction of the time required to synchronize all of the content after it has remained idle for an extended period of time.
  • Fixed the bug ForceReply in the bot.
  • To all this must be added a series of fixes and minor improvements.


In short, Telegram 3.6 for macOS port with if these updates and improvements that can be expected and perhaps not so expected. There would be one more thing to fix, type the ability to separate the chat individual, or with friends, from groups, from the bot and from the channels, as reported and requested by Patryk Rzucidło on his Twitter profile (ricondividete this tweet and we do a little bit of tam tam on this request important).

For those who want to download Telegram 3.6 for macOS, or read the full changelog, or for those who want to see the history of all the updates and improvements of this client, you can do so directly from here.

We stop here and leave the word to you, then leave us a comment below with your impressions, and with the functions that you think are missing, but also those that should be improved on.

As usual, we are waiting on our official channel on Telegram, and in the channel InsiDevCode.

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