Tutorial on how to hide the last seen on Telegram

How can I hide the “last seen” in Telegram? This is one of the questions that I received after my speech at Web Marketing Festival 2017 of Rimini. In fact many people didn’t know that even Telegram allows you to hide the last seen on Telegram, function present in many and many other applications.
As always, I’d say to not waste your time and to discover it quickly.

Tutorial on how to hide the last seen on Telegram

All you have to do, is to take your smartphone, Tablet or PC in your hand, enter in Telegram and then from the Menu, go in the settings and then in the option Privacy and Security. Therefore you have to arrive here:

how to hide the last seen on Telegram

Clicking on the Last Access, you can go and choose between three options:
All, My contacts and No one. As you see here below:

how to hide the last seen on Telegram

You can also add the exceptions, so hide your access with one or with more people.

Important Notice

Once chosen one of the settings before indicated, you must know that you won’t see the last seen of the other people with you don’t share yours. This means that if you hide your last seen to a person, you won’t see in a precise way her last seens. You will can, balancing out, see an approximate value. Thisheep far stalkers and the suckers, but this allows us to understand if the other person is reachable on Telegram.
Said that, when we set this type of privacy, you must know that there are four possible approximate values, therefore which indicate more or less when you are connected to Telegram the last time and they are divided in this way:

  • Last seen recently: it overlays a period between a second and 2 to 3 days.
  • Last seen in a week: it overlays a period between 2 to 3 and 7 days.
  • Last seen in a month: it overlays a period between 6 to 7 days and a month.
  • Last seen much time ago: it overlays a higher period to a month( the same value that we can see when we are blocked from someone)


This is the first respond to the questions on Telegram that in these days I received, I give you another appointment and to the next question, so: How can I hide my ‘last seen’ on Telegram?

We hope that you enjoyed this post and I wait you in InsideDevCode and InsideTelegram channels.

Translation made by our user and collaborator Simone.

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