How to check and get the badge on the Telegram?

Today, thanks to the initiative taken by Telegram, we can finally respond to this in a detailed way to the question: How to check and get the badge on Telegram?
In these years, many have asked us through the group of InsideTelegram Lab, and even in private, how could they check and get the badge on Telegram for your bot, channel, or group.

Let’s say that compared to the past is not changed, the procedure, what has changed in these days is the way to do it, and most of all, there is a general guideline that applies to everyone and that everyone can use to check and get the badge in the Telegram.

How to check and get the badge on the Telegram?

As the first thing to be able to put into practice this request you need the following things:

  • A profile verified on Twitter
  • A profile is verified or page verified on Facebook
  • A profile verified on Instagram
  • A profile verified on Youtube

If you have at least one of these things, you can begin to evaluate whether to ask for the check and get the badge on Telegram for your bot, channel, or group.

Alternatives are welcome?

According to what was declared by Telegram, and this is a novelty even for us, it seems that you can also use other forms to confirm your identity.

So if you don’t have a profile verified on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, and alternatively you have a page on Wikipedia, which meets the guidelines of Wikipedia requests from the encyclopedia, you can use this instead of the profiles of the social the before mentioned.

If your project is an organization, you can request the verification of the bot, channel, or group taking advantage of simply the link to the channel Telegram, through the official website of the organization. In this case, the bot who will deal with the verification will ask you later to submit more data and information useful for the verification. But in this case you are required to submit the links to social media profiles as shown above.

How and what to do now?

At this point, if you have one of these information, you simply send a message to the bot @VerifyBot, in which the attached file:

  • the name of your project
  • the link to one of the profiles are verified on social indicated above, to the Wikipedia page or the website of your organization
  • the link to your project Telegram >>

Once you have submitted everything, you just need to wait for a communication from a bot or you will see it appears the badg of verified next to the name of your project, Telegram.

What the check and the badge more?

Nothing, you have the badge and the icon blue next to the name of the bot, channel, or group Telegram does not offer you anything more than what you already have. The resources remain always the same, the only thing that changes is the fact that you can ensure your users that that is your Official channel, without having to put in the bio or in the username the official word.

Caution if you change the name of the project!

If you decide to change the name of the beautiful bot, channel, or group occurred, without attention, because it is not recommended to change its name or short link ( However, if you need to change this information, you can first remove the verification status, then you need to enter in bot @VerifyBot and give the command /unverify.

Once you have removed the badge, you can change the name and the short link to the new needs. Once the work is completed, you can request testing again and get the badge on Telegram for your project.


Well this is all what you need to know on how to check and get the badge on Telegram for your bot, channel, or group. We hope that thanks to this guide translated by us, starting from the official page within the blog telegram.orgin many they are able to get the badge and the verification by Telegram.

We are waiting on our official channel on Telegram, but also in the supergroup InsideTelegramLab where snoccioliamo and do it in pieces, every update of Telegram, where we offer assistance to anyone who needs it.

Also don’t forget the channel InsideBind where you can find new bots, channels and groups, some of which have obtained the badge occurred.

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