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You have understood very well today, Telegram has officially announced what we were waiting for a few days, that is, which was eventually to reach the quota of 400 million active users.

It took 2 years and many sacrifices, many ups and many downs, but also a lot of effort on the part of all those who, from the developers to the various communities around the world, to get to this height. To this must be added, that if two years ago we were talking about 200 million users, according to what was stated by Pavel Durov in the post on the blog, last year we were at about 300 million.

In short, we are to review if the calculations are right or wrong, but what is sorprenderne is to see as from the month of February 2016, which was announced in the record of the 100 million active users has reached 400 million users.

6 years of the telegram

As we said, through the ups and downs caused by some test-block countries such as Russia, Iran, India and China, to name a few, it seems that the application Telegram is downloaded, installed and then used every day, at least 1.5 million new users. Also, as stated by the same Pavel Durov inside of the blog: “it is No wonder that Telegram is the social application most downloaded in over 20 Countries – people all over the world are switching to Telegram at a faster pace.“.

In short, it seems also in the home Telegram there is enthusiasm and we InsideTelegram we hope to see many new things and many other records broken. Not so much because we hope to see a day in this application for instant messaging, as the most used in the world, but as a worthy rival, a worthy alternative and at the same time a worthy tool to use not only to chat with friends, brothers, family, etc, but also for your business.

Telegram 400 million chart

In the press release on the official website, it uses the current excuse is global, that is, the current lockdown, the global justify and anticipate one of those news that a number of times over the years, we have seen enter into the source code and then gone. We are talking about video call and not only will be dedicated to chat one-to-one, but you’re working even group video calls. In short, they said by the end of 2020, but we do hope that by the beginning of the summer, there is this news, because we’ve been waiting so.

When they are ready, you’ll be the first to know, promised. Then stop asking for it. 😈

No dear Pavel, know that you romperemo the soul, and ask the group calls, video calls and group video calls until you stuferai and make to put.

There are also other records that Telegram has touched in this period, we are talking about the sticker. Well apparently, today’s users, Telegram can control and use more than 20,000 stickers. Well all this heap of stickers was produced and released by several artists over the past 5 years, when this feature is available.

To conclude this little post is dedicated to the records obtained by the Telegram, we announce the launch of a new contest by 400 thousand euros dedicated to the implementation of quiz learning.

The purpose of this contest, in which everyone can take part-is that of creating a database of test/quiz learning for any topic and level of preparation.

If you want to participate in the challenge, you need to do is log on to the bot @QuizBot, create and publish a test/quiz teaching the original on any topicof any difficulty level and in any language. In the mean time, Telegram will take into consideration all of these test/quiz, the collect, and will then put together a list which can be consulted. Then according to quality and popularity will be announced the winners in several stages. The registrations for this first phase will end on 15 May.

Since we are in quarantine until May 4, I would say that would be the case to be put under and start making some quizzes.


We stop here and we will see you in the next episode, because we expect the place dedicated to the Telegram 6.1 which has just been released and we have to finish to try. While we wait for your impressions in the comments below, and then as usual, we are waiting on our official channel on Telegram, but also in the supergroup InsideTelegramLab and in the channel InsiDevCode.


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