Telegram 6 for Android and iOS: folder, the statistics for the channels, and much more

After so many rumors and so many screenshots, it was finally released Telegram 6 for Android and iOS, which brings with it several new features.
We would like to take the opportunity of this release, to return to the language of the updates Telegram within our blog. In fact, many have realized that and those who have written, because in the last harvest, and for for versions of Telegram 5.12, Telegram 5.13, Telegram 5.14 and Telegram 5.15 we have abandoned the habit of publishing the usual post dedicated.

In fact, In this interval of time is not that we are detached from Telegram and its updates, and indeed we did a couple of tests and evidence to be used to the full scheme for our channel, the our supergroup Telegram, and especially the dear beloved Then it is also true that the version of Telegram 5.11 and up to the current version 6.x, it is not that there have been updates worthy of note, at least according to our modest opinion.

After this small introduction, let’s get comfortable and let’s find out what brings this new version of Telegram. We apologize now if the post will be too long or too complex to read, we tried to enclose all the news.

Telegram 6 for Android and iOS, here’s the news

New screen for the Settings:

Let’s start from simple things, to get the things more complicated. The first thing we noticed, as soon as we tried the beta version and then the stable version of Telegram 6.0 for Android and iOS, is that there have been slight restyling a bit everywhere within the application, with some animation, icon and message in the most.

telegram 6.0 settings

One of the sections that has undergone a slight facelift, as you can see from the above image, is the Settings screen, with new icons and a better arrangement of the content.

Animation voice notes:

Among the various graphical improvements and redesign in here, but there, too, and on the other hand, we noticed two small animations for what concerns the sending of voice notes. In fact, as you can see from the image below, there is now a small animation in the form of a cloud while it is being recorded a voice note.

Not only that, doing the tests, we noticed that the contactor of the latter is passed from the canonical 0:00:00 to 0:00,00

telegram 6.0 animation microphone

Animation video messages:

Since the two features are linked, as well as for the function of the video message brings with it the exact same animations and voice messages, with the added effect of blurring of content when you record a video message.

telegram 6.0 animation video

Start pop-up as soon as updated the application:

As soon as the application is upgraded and started, at the bottom appears a message in the pop-up that notifies you that you can organize your chat Folder. At this point, clicking on the item Open, you will be transported directly to the dedicated screen.

telegram 6.0 pop-up folder-folders

We have this little note:
Apparently, the team Telegram has not wanted to define this function tab, even if, in principle, is what it is. In fact, by arranging various chat according to your needs, the work is finished it generates this result:

telegram 6.0 tab-folder-folders

It is as if there were tabs, but in reality tab I don’t know.

Telegram 6.0: Folders and tabs

At this point, seeing that we started to talk about folders and cards, we continue the discovery of the Telegram 6 for Android and iOS, talking about this function.

As we had anticipated in the post dedicated from the first to the Telegram 5.16 Beta for iOS , and later on in the post dedicated to the Telegram 5.16 Beta for Android, the operation of this new feature you can describe with this series of points:

  • You can create up to a maximum of 10 folders. In this way, you are possible to divide the various group chat, the bot, channel and individual according to their needs.
  • The function to split the Chat into Folders, it will appear in the Settings menu. If you do not see the entry in the Settings menu, continue reading, because you can find the makeup down.
  • Each folder/tab you can assign up to a maximum of 100 chat.
  • The functionality gives the user the possibility to quickly switch between the various tabs. In fact, once you have created the folders, just do one swipe to the right or left to move from one tab/folder to another folder.
  • The created folders are synchronized with the server.
  • The chat fixed, and their order within the folders are synced between your devices.
  • By pressing and holding the icon ‘chat’ you will be able to organize the chat and images folders.
  • The user has the ability to sort according to pleasure and desire all of the folders and the tabs you create.
  • Filters for folders
  • When you click on the icon of the current folder, you can go at the top of the list of the chat (like when you click on the “Up” arrow at the bottom).

Before continuing, we wanted to say this thing, that is, we expected that this time something more is added, as for example:

  1. the ability to mark as read all of the chat of a folder
  2. take away the folder/tab: all
  3. you cannot hide

This is to take the two points, but there are many other improvements that could be made, and that you hope to see included in the next version of the Telegram 6.x for Android and iSO.


Important note:
As we said a little while ago, the item Folder appears in the Settings, in auto mode, when you have more than 100 chat in the list, but this does not mean that you cannot use this function with less chat. In fact, you can use this link within the application Telegram (mobile or desktop) to enable the folders, and then organize the list of your chat as you wish.

Telegram 6.0: filters for folders

Also in this case, it can all be summed up in a list:

  • Recommended folder default: unread (new messages from the chat important).
  • Filters for the chat including: contacts, non-contacts, groups, channels, and bots
  • Filters for the chat excluded: disabled, read or stored
  • The user can choose if the chat is stored to be included in the archived folder, you can add “stored” in the filter “chat excluded”

According to the folders and filters selected may also appear in this folder suggested which excludes channels and groups changed.

telegram 6.0 personal folder

Telegram 6.0: other folders

The user can choose to fix all of the chat that you want inside folders, sort them according to their needs and requirement.

Android users who choose to use Folders and they will be active, notice that the swipe (swipe left) to store a chat will not work will not work anymore. To work around this “problem” can be taken long press on the chat you want to store, after a few seconds will open the menu of collective actions in which it is possible to select more than one chat , and then lock them in place, silenziarle, archive them, or delete them all at once.

telegram 6 for android stores chats

Another thing to know about Folders in Telegram 6 for Android and iOS, is that these (with the exception of the chat secret), will sync perfectly with all the other connected apps with the same account, including our desktop app. So if your account (s), inside Telegram mobile you decide to delete, rename, sort, or create a new folder, that folder will be synchronized automatically on Telegram Desktop.

Customization of the tab

Once you have generated the folders, or the tab, so you see how to call them, you’ll have the ability to personalize them at any time directly from the main screen of the application. In fact, you can just hold for a few seconds the name of the tab that you want to edit, to display the less context you give beyond the ability to customize the order of the folder, the whole folder, or exclude it directly.

telegram 6 the customize tab

Tab Gifs

All of the chat was also introduced the tab Gifs, and then with a Telegram 6.0 for Android and iOS, finally you will be able to go to the sure shot and you will be able to access faster to all the Gif shared inside a chat.

telegram 6 for android and ios tab gif

New emoji-animated:

Telegram 6.0 for Android and iOS continues its march inexorably towards total conversion of emoji from static to animated. Taking advantage of the historical situation of the moment, the latest emoji animated added are the following: 🦠🤒😷🤕🤧🤢🤮🧼💉💊or 🚑

Telegram 6.0: a Nut with the random number

Each time it is used, the emoji of the nut, this is animated for a few seconds, until it returns a number. The number that appears on it is generated by the server and is a random number between 1 and 6.

telegram 6 for android and ios nut

In short, chat one-to-one turn in a game of dice, with betting important. Jokes aside, seems a thing too, pretty funny.

Contactor Views Snapshot View
of A blow to the heart

We gave the sub-title of this function, that is, a blow to the heart, because it seems with this new version of Telegram will be displayed at the end of each open-content through instant view or, better, quick-opening, the number of beautiful views.

telegram 6.0 statistics snapshot view

Let’s say that for some people this information might be really a blow to the heart, especially in these years has only been able to copy the content of others and pass them off as their own. Perhaps a part of these people, they will start to use the content of others by forwarding them or creating the content themselves and not by copying or by taking on content that is not their own.

Telegram 6 for Android and iOS, with its statistics for the channels

Telegram 6 is proposed to be a major release revolutionary, then in addition to the tab/folder, the team engaged in the development and maintenance of this platform, decided to make more of the resources collected thanks to the various contest to introduce several novelties. Well thanks to the external contributions offered by the developers who have participated in various contest, here inside of Telegram 6 for Android and iOS, have been introduced to the statistics for the Channels Telegram.

It should be immediately specified this thing, that is to say, statistics are only available for holders of a channel with over 1000 subscribers, for all others you have to wait and be patient.

Now let’s see in detail what are the information that this function allows you to view:

  • Growth: how many users are subscribers to your channel
  • Followers: how many have joined and how many have come out
  • Notifications: in those who have muted or not muted the channel
  • Views for time
  • Views on the basis of the traffic sources
  • New follower, depending on the source of traffic
  • The language of the people who read the channel
  • Interactions with the post of the channel
  • Interactions AR
  • Post published recently

Thanks to this update, the function of the Canals is not only becomes 3.0, but at the same time becomes a tool that can be exploited in a business point of view even more, because from now on you will be able to touch with hand what are the habits of your audience.

If you want to find out in detail what are the statistics for the channels Telegram, we invite you to read the dedicated blog post that we made for you.

Badge Verified:

If you are among the fortunate to have a group with the badge-verified, and you want to change the name of the group, you know that there is a great risk of losing it. Then with the new version of Telegram it has been introduced a warning message, in this way, if you want to change the name of the group you know that then you have to make a request to the bot dedicated to again request the badge.

If you have never requested the verification and the badge for your bot, channel, or group Telegram, we invite you to read this guide.


For the moment this is all that can be said about the Telegram 6.0 for Android and iOS, we as usual, we are waiting on our official channel on Telegram, but also in the supergroup InsideTelegramLab where snoccioliamo and do it in pieces, every update of Telegram, where we offer assistance to anyone who needs it. Don’t forget the channel InsideBind where you can find new bots, channels, and groups Telegram with which you can interact.

We thank again the whole community for having reported it and tried together with us all the various features of Telegram 5.16 Beta first for iOS and then for Android, Telegram 6 Beta for Android and iOS, but especially in these hours after the launch of the stable version of Telegram 6.0 for Android and iOS.

Now it’s up to you, leave a comment below with your impressions on this new version of Telegram.

Small Note

This post is dedicated to the launch of Telegram 6 that wasn’t the end, therefore, I, the undersigned, Flavius Florin Harabor, wants to leave with you a small personal note.

I have always believed in and supported Telegram since his birth, I have always supported all of this world even esponendomi publicly, although it has nothing to do with the project and the ecosystem around this application for messaging. I have always tried not to criticize the work of others, trying where possible to give my contribution and I have always tried to see the positive side of things, but this time, I was disappointed.

When a few months ago, in some cases, even a year ago, it was thought that with all the contests and the thousands of messages in the various chat this version 6 of the Telegram would have been the most revolutionary. I know for some it is, for the undersigned no, it is not a fact. In fact for the undersigned this release, despite 2 beta versions for the cycle 5.16 beta and 6 beta versions for the cycle 6.x, seems to have served to nothing. I’ve seen a lot of suggestions to improve what has been done for the folders, tips beautiful and useful, but that apparently could not realize.

In short, it is difficult to copy the lines of code already present from another part and put them as a main function to the other side. I am referring to all those who have asked to put the report as read all of the chat of a folder. Nothing is passed, all on the sly.

I understand that keeping on top of the shack to the brothers Durov is not easy and I can understand that some choices as to the appearance of the folders only if you have 100 chat more or show the statistics for those who has more than 1000 members in the channel, but at this point I ask those who have 50 chat, or 500 members, and are perpetually active on the Telegram, what are users of the B series?

I can understand a lot of things and I know that is not easy to keep a project such as Telegram around to it has so many other things, but I would like to understand so many things, and I’d have many question, but as you well know, I don’t receive any responses, if not the classic:

Thanks, we’ll take you into consideration. Telegram is evolving rapidly and new features are added every month. We do not promise anything, or give precise information on the timing, but suggestions are always welcome.

I know it had to be a small note, but it is transformed in the middle of the post, but this what I had to say it, even if in reality things to say are many and maybe in the near future I will make a post dedicated to a reflection on how the team Telegram sometimes don’t listen to the community.

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