What is a Telegram bot?

From 3.0 version of Telegram the bots have become a trend. A trend so much chatted that today we are here to respond to some users who have ask this question: What is a Telegram bot?

We’ll try to be very fast in the explanation and we’ll try to not annoy you too much. So put you in a comfortable place and you will find out together with us of InsideTelegram what is a Telegram bot and what they can do.

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What is a Telegram bot?

Bots are applications developed by third parts and they are run inside the Telegram application. The users can interact with bots sending them messages, assigning them commands or requests in line. Another thing to say and at the same time very interesting, is that the Telegram’s bots utilise the same elements of a chat., therefore much less than a dedicated application for the same service, that the bot offer.
So bots respect the philosophy with the Telegram application has been developed.

What can Telegram bots do?

Through the bots the users can gain many things as:

1. Personalized notifications and news.
A bot can act as an intelligent newspaper, sending pertinent contents, as soon as it is published.

E.g: Forbes Bot, TechCrunch Bot or the implemented bot for the InsiDevCode channel.

2. Integration with other services.
A bot can increase the chats with contents form external services.
E.g: imagine bot, gif bot, imdb bot, wiki bot, music bot, bingo bot and the Youtube bot.

3. Create personalised tools.
A bot can provide warnings, weather prevision, translations, the formatting or other services.
E.g: Pool bot,Github bot, Markdown bot and the sticker bot.

4. Develop single player or multiplayer games.
A bot can play chess and checkers against you, a bot can act as a guest in quiz games, or even take Dungeon Masters’ dies for a role game. As bot trivia does.

5. Create social services.
A bot could connect people who are looking for interlocutors basing on common interests or in proximity.

What is a Telegram bot?

Among the various types of bots, here exist form 3.13 version of Telegram an external platform which can let you play with your friends, but also it offers the possibility to realise our own game to publish and let the other people play, but also let have fun to the users who utilise this platform.
E.g: @gmaebot and @gamee

7. Pay a café.
Thanks to the Telegram’s bots we have the possibility to implement the pay function of a service or even buy directly from an e-commerce.

Therefore, a Telegram bot can do almost everything. Except for dishes and cook, Telegram bots are still unable to simplify the manual actions. Some bot try also to guide your car or if you have a Volkswagen Golf Clubsport of the last generation Telegram and a dedicated music bot can let you have your playlist.

How do bots work?

Let’s begin with saying that to develop your own bot you don’t need particular skills, you don’t even need a phone number, because the authentication procedures are particular.

To interact with bots, the users can do it through two ways:

1. Send messages and commands to the bot with the opening of a chat with them or adding them in groups. This is useful for the chat bots or the news bots, look the bots: TechCrunch and Forbes.

2. Send requests directly from the insert field typing @nameoftheuser of the bot and a query. This allows to send contents in line directly in every chat, group or channel.
The messages, the commands and the requests sent to the users will pass to the software in execution on the servers. The Telegram server will be the intermediate in the management of all the cryptographic codes and the communications with the Telegram APIs.
These are bots and how they work, now we invite you to follow for other news and details

Translation made by our user and collaborator Simone


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