What do the green ticks mean on Telegram?

What do the green ticks mean on Telegram? That was one of the question I received after my speech at the Web Marketing Festival 2017 in Rimini. Obviously, there could not miss a reply published directly from the direct responsible, directly in the new project InsideTelegram.

So, let’s not waste time and let’s go find out it quickly.

What do the green ticks mean on Telegram?

The meaning of the green ticks on Telegram is very simple:

Only one tick means that the sent message in the Telegram cloud and your friend has been notified of the sending of the message or of the messages from you. Obviously if the person has the notification activated, otherwise he doesn’t hear the notification, but he see the number of the messages received from you.

Two ticks means that the message has been read. This means that your friend has opened Telegram, and also, he has opened the chat with you.

Important notice:

On Telegram we haven’t got the state “delivered to the device” for messages as all the other messaggistic apps on the market, this is because Telegram can run on all the devices that you want in real time. Therefore we would see an informatic paradox: which of the devices utilized from a Telegram user should be the first?
This means that to fix this paradox, the develop team has chosen not to insert the function “sent to the device”.


This is the first reply to the questions on Telegram which I received in these days, I invite you tomorrow to the next question: how can I hide my ‘last seen’ on Telegram?
We hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and we wait you on InsideCode and InsideTelegram channels, where every day there will be a new news about Telegram.

Translation made by our user and collaborator Simone

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